Capture and keep their attention.

Capture and keep their attention.


Make it simple.
Explain the system in 3 minutes or less.
Make it natural.
Personalize experiences for everyone involved.
Make it fun.
Amaze people with amusing features.


 Surprise and excite every participant.

Surprise and excite every participant.


Open and maintain a dialogue with everyone involved.
Connect everyone with meaningful activities.
Foster competitive learning and playful interaction.


 Leave no stone unturned.

Leave no stone unturned.


Built-in analytics deliver all the insight you need to improve live meeting experiences time after time.

Monitor everything.
Capture every thought and action from scoring slides to taking notes.
Measure constantly.
Compare, contrast, and correlate engagement, sentiment, and feedback.
Improve continuously.
Make data-driven interactive improvements covering major aspects of your meetings.


Change directions
in real-time.

Load content just minutes before your meeting.

Create new polls or surveys as the meeting unfolds.

Notify presenters when engagement levels increase.

Extend live meeting engagement
to virtual audiences.


Leverage your live meeting investment with Virtual ArrayTM

Connect anywhere on almost any device.
Engage virtual and live audiences in one application.
Record and stream live video.
Measure audience engagement in all locations.
Eliminate travel, lodging, printing and shipping costs. 
Support virtual and hybrid meetings.

Educational Measures is a full service live
meeting technology company.

Along with our Array® technology, we also provide the following services:

Audio Visual

Create the ultimate communication environment with our state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment and our top-notch AV services professionals.

Live Meeting

Better understand your
events with an in depth report,
EM Insights Report, or a
dashboard with vital
meeting information in
EM EducationalTrak.

Audience Response

Automate audience data capture with the latest in audience response system meeting technology, including all data preparation and presentation.

Data Collection

Simplify the data collection process with our EM Electronic Survey System and Scannable Forms Services, saving hours of preparation and collection time.


Extend the reach of your live meetings with EM Web Streaming Services, provided onsite for your convenience.