Live Meeting Engagement and Analytics Platform

All-in-one live meeting technology that makes your meetings more dynamic, interactive, and valuable. 



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Your end-to-end event technology platform to increase audience participation, capture and analyze data, and gain powerful insights for improvement.

Create Engaging and Effective Meetings 

 Array turns distracted attendees into engaged, involved participants. Collect data and gain actionable insights to improve meeting effectiveness.



Capture and Keep their Attention
Differentiate your event and create a "wow" factor when they walk in the room.

Brand Everything
Spotlight your brand and extend your visual theme to create a memorable experience.

Make the Technology Yours 
Customize anything and everything. Place your logo, buttons, presentations, videos and resources directly into your audience's hands. 



Increase Audience Interaction
Spark ideas, new conversations, and improve learning with more than 25 interactive features. 

Improve Response Rates. 
Create an open dialogue between your audience and presenters.  Improve audience response rates with live polling, ask a question, surveys, simulations, and games.

Boost Slide Engagement. 
Keep your audience focused with Array's slide engagement features. Participants can zoom in on slides, draw or type notes, rate slides, and save slides, notes and resources. 



Record Every Interaction
Capture every click, thought and action, from scoring slides to taking notes. 

Inspire More Questions
More questions lead to deeper insights into your audience and their interests. Generate 212% more audience questions per meeting with Array iPads than with traditional Q&A. 

Eliminate Missed Data Opportunities
Never miss an opportunity to do on-site research. Create and push new live polls and surveys to your audience at any time as your meeting unfolds. Integrate participant data with your CRM for post-meeting follow-up.





Evaluate Overall Impact
Gain powerful insights into how your meeting performed. 

Discover Trends
Identify trends in participant engagement, performance, and feedback . View top content downloads, common questions asked, and hot topics. 

Make Improvements and Measure ROI
Improve content and meeting effectiveness. Provide personalized, targeted follow-up with each meeting participant.


Increase Audience Participation

Increase audience engagement with more than 25 interactive features. With 99% adoption and 91% engaged, you'll collect more data to better understand your audience. 





Array® Full Service

Full-Service iPads® for Events 

Watch engagement rates soar at your high-stakes events with our full-service. Our customer success team will take care of everything to ensure a successful live experience.


Pre-Meeting — A project manager will work closely with you, your presenters, and AV team to organize your Array® event, making planning and uploading of content effortless. 

On-Site — We'll set-up a secure local network and place a customized iPad® in each audience member's hands. Our on-site technicians will support you throughout your meeting, pushing live polls and making last-minute changes with ease. 

Post-Event — After your meeting, our success team will help you take full advantage of your meeting and Array Hub, home of our live meeting analytics and insights. 

Improve Meeting Impact with Analytics and Insights

Measure and improve your meetings with Array Hub, a cloud-based meeting analytics platform for Array® customers.
Securely access , analyze, and store all of your meetings data in one place.

Array Hub

Analyze audience engagement by slide to improve content. 

Array Hub

Assess the overall impact of your event. Discover trends in participant performance, feedback, and engagement.



Array Hub

 Share your meeting results with stakeholders in a beautiful, downloadable report.

Virtual Array

Virtual Array

Duplicate the In-Room Engagement Experience for Remote Audiences

Virtual Array brings audience engagement to virtual and hybrid meetings. Unify in-room and remote participants with all of Array's interactive features.  


Connect anyone, anywhere, from almost any device. Centralize data collection from audience members in multiple locations locations to measure ROI. Available with video streaming or audio only.

Why Meeting and Event Audiences Love Array®

“I liked taking notes directly on the slides electronically because I didn’t have to carry them around and my notes were emailed to me before I got home.” Claudia Moore, Meeting Participant


Speak with a Meeting Engagement Specialist

Schedule your free engagement assessment and discover why Array® is the preferred global event technology to engage, capture more data, and deliver powerful insights for improvements.


Educational Measures is a Full-Service Technology Provider

Along with our Array® engagement technology, we also provide the following A/V services:

Audio Visual Services
Create the ultimate communication environment with our state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment and our top-notch AV services professionals.


Live Streaming
Extend the reach of your live meetings with EM Web Streaming Services, provided onsite for your convenience.


Boost audience interaction with the latest in audience response system meeting technology, including all data preparation, and on-site support.