Based on the data input, here is the amount you're losing per meeting due to digital distraction:

is lost per meeting.
Further, this is how much additional spend per meeting you could save by using EM technology compared to your current meeting technology:*

how much you could save per meeting by using EM technology

Wouldn't you like to take a preventative approach to loss for your meetings? We know that every second counts during a meeting, and if time is wasted setting up and explaining meeting tech, that can add up to additional wasted revenue. We can set up our meeting tech quicker than the competition, and our ARRAY second-screen technology can eliminate attendee digital distraction by keeping them engaged during your next presentation. 

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*Calculations were developed using a baseline of a 100 person meeting.

For every hour meeting, we assume a 10 minute break resulting in a 50 minute session. and assume 10 minutes of digital distraction per attendee.

For cost savings, we assume a $10 per person printing cost and a $5 cost of network per person (per meeting day). For every hour meeting, we also assume competitors take 10 minutes to explain technology and setup, and we take 2 minutes, saving you 8 additional minutes on a meeting.