Remarkable Audience Engagement for Mobile

Array Mobile is an interactive meeting technology that lets you achieve high engagement for any size audience on their own devices.  

Immersive Engagement That's “Right-sized”
for Your Meeting


Immersive Audience Engagement

Immersive Engagement


Create robust engagement inside the meeting room on any audience member's smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Array Mobile Simple Interface



Maximize audience participation with a simple, easy-to-use interface. 




Event Technology - Versatile and Cost Effective

Versatile and Cost Effective


Engage large or small meeting audiences cost-effectively. Accessible with a simple link, QR code, or within any event app.

Mobile Interactive Meeting Technology - Array Mobile


Take advantage of Array®’s best engagement tools, optimized for mobile. 


  • Increase audience participation with live polls and surveys
  • Engage everyone with real-time content they can see, touch, annotate, and save
  • Involve every participant with dynamic Q&A
  • Energize the room and encourage competitive learning with gamification



Seamlessly Integrates with Any Event App

Participants access live slides and Array Mobile's interactive tools within your event app.

seamless event app integration


second screen technology for mobile


Enhance Attendee Experience

Involve every participant in a highly dynamic exchange with your presenters. Immerse them in the meeting experience with rich, interactive content on a second screen.

Collect More Data

Capture every click and action, from scoring slides to taking notes. Augment your event app with abundant, in-room engagement data.

capture meeting audience data


Meeting Analytics - Analyze and Improve Meeting Impact


Analyze and Improve Meeting Impact

Analyze engagement data in Array Hub™, EM’s cloud-based analytics platform. Gain insights into how your meeting performed overall. Adapt your content to improve the effectiveness of every meeting.


"The technology worked exactly as expected and added great content and interactivity to the program. The technicians were friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I felt completely comfortable that they would take care of everything."

Sharon G. - Event Manager


EM’s renowned service and on-site support will
make deploying Array Mobile stress free.