Intelligent Meeting Analytics

Array Hub™ is your secure portal to analyze and improve your meetings performance.



Your meeting data has value. Take advantage.


Live Meeting  Analytics

Access All Your Meetings 

View and analyze all of your meetings data in one place.

Connect with Your Meetings Data

Connect Anytime

Tap into your meetings data anytime you need it.

Secure Meeting Analytics

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Securely store your most sensitive data in the cloud.


Analyze Slide Engagement

It's critical to know how your participants engaged with content. Each time an audience member takes a note, saves or draws on a slide, or asks a question with Array®, you’ll gather valuable data to improve your meetings. 

Identify which presentations and slides are most and least compelling

Check 100 x 100 Which presentations and slides made the most impact? The least?
Check 100 x 100 What content did my audience think was important?

Drill down to discover areas for content improvement

Check 100 x 100 Why did 10 of my participants highlight a specific point on a slide?
Check 100 x 100 Should we create additional in-depth slides about it?

Personalize follow-up with participants

Check 100 x 100 Participant Jane Doe saved this slide on our new initiative. 
Check 100 x 100 What personalized content can I follow-up with to reinforce our message?

Assess Overall Meeting Impact

Gain powerful insights into how your meeting performed overall. View which participants were most and least engaged, most popular content, top keywords, and top presenter questions.

Gain Insights

Uncover correlations in participant performance, feedback and engagement. Who was the most and least engaged? The highest and lowest performer?

Evaluate Participant Experience

How did participants rate the presenters? The venue? View specific comments and feedback from participants.



Identify Cross-Meeting Trends

What can you data tell you about your meetings performance over time? Analyze high-level engagement metrics across your meetings to pinpoint performance trends. See the big picture to make informed decisions.


Identify Cross-Meeting Trends

Download and Share Reports

Easily visualize and share the story of your meetings impact with our reports.



One-Touch, On-site Report

View attendees, presenter questions, and a summary of polling questions with our one-touch, on-site report.

One-touch, on-site report

Meeting Insights Report

Insights Report

Demonstrate your meetings value to your key stakeholders with an elegant insights report. Download the report within seconds.



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