(iPad® compatible meeting technology)


Bringing a new level of interactivity, engagement and excitement to your events!


Array is a versatile and exciting meeting technology that brings content and information right into your attendees’ hands.
Attendees Can:

  • View Live Slides

  • Take Evaluations

  • Ask Questions

  • View Agendas

  • Take Notes on Slides

  • Save and Rate Slides

  • Take Pre- & Post-Tests

  • Answer Polling Questions

  • View Resources & Documents

  • View Websites &Videos (w/ internet connection)

  • Generate CE Certificates (w/ internet connection)

  • To see a demo on these functions and learn about more exciting features, Request a Demo today!


Watch this video to learn more about Array!



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We create a local network that allows attendees to use iPads and devices to view presentation slides. Once logged in, they have the ability to participate in surveys, ask presenters questions and engage like never before. We bring complete service and expertise to your event, making it easy for you. The systems may be high-tech, but our on-site technicians manage everything to ensure you get exactly what you need. We provide all necessary equipment, including iPads, for  your event. “A tremendously succesful event. Thank you EM. The iPads made a huge difference for our attendees.”
• • •
“I will never go back to ‘regular’ meetings. The ARRAY system brought more positive comments from our attendees than ever before.”

There’s more to the story…
Educational Measures supports your event from start to finish with these services:


The Most Advanced Equipment With Our Professional Teams On-Site.

Full service A/V equipment from planning to implementation with on-site production management.
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ARS Brings Interactivity and Real-Time Data Collection to Your Events.

ARS enables you to capture valuable real-time data at every event.
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Two Fast, Effective Ways to Gather Pre- and Post-Event Data.

Scan pre-testing, post-testing and surveys. Collect on-line activity data, and more.
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Use EducationalTrak™ to Track and Analyze the Data You Gather.

EducationalTrak™ offers outcome data tracking, capture, analysis, application and even storage.
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