Audience Response Systems

Audience Response Systems

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ARS Is Your Answer for Meeting Metrics and Connecting with Audiences

Our Audience Response Systems (ARS) services are an innovative way of producing accessible meeting metrics with a combination of hardware and software that marries audience response directly to a presenter’s content.  With our multimedia software, audiences can document their learning process as well as their understanding of material presented.

ARS provides the opportunity to collect data in a variety of ways. Questions can appear on screen as rankings, true/ false or multiple-choice questions, or other statistical data formats tailored to your needs. As for meeting metrics and reporting, your data can be filtered by demographics, market parameters, and pre/post comparisons and displayed as bar graphs, pie charts or other easy-to-interpret data presentations. The main goal is to engage the audience and collect and present data that shows results in real-time.

ARS may be a good option for your next event if you are interested in measuring key meeting metrics for the following:

  • Increasing attentiveness
  • Monitoring audience engagement
  • Improving knowledge retention
  • Measuring immediate understanding of a subject
  • Creating a learning environment that supports individual or group responses
  • Offering anonymous polling

ARS fully integrates with our EducationalTrak product to offer a superior experience from creation of content to audience reception and post-activity analysis. With our audience response system, your events can be powered by real-time data direct from your audience.

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