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Founded over a decade ago as a technology company focused on data collection and management in the healthcare industry, Educational Measures was created to meet a need in the marketplace; the need to effectively collect and analyze data to its fullest extent to improve physician performance and ultimately patient care. Using their background in technology and education, the founders built a company based on cutting edge technology, innovative thinking and superior customer service.

Today, the company has expanded its services across other industries and added a suite of innovative products and services designed to help training, education and marketing companies improve their events. With offices in Colorado and Pennsylvania, Educational Measures’ staff works to ensure their clients deliver content effectively and collect the data they need, because more facts, more figures and better stratification lead to more powerful results.

Our Mission

To improve the learning process by providing state-of-the-art technology to the delivery of content as well as the collection, management, and analysis of data while providing unparalleled customer service.

Our Promise

To provide customers outstanding service together with innovative end-to-end technology solutions for managing data and content.

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